Monday, April 8, 2013

Make a Difference Mondays - Give 5 Solid Minutes to a Child

Sound simple enough.  But in our busy lives of schedules, demands and just pure chaos, it is difficult some days to take a few minutes and just listen to a child. It could be your child, it could be a neighbor's child, or a niece or nephew.  Even if you have to call someone, I challenge you to LISTEN to a child today.

You'd be amazed at the fun conversations you can have with even a 2 year old.  My daughter and I had one of my most memorable conversations in the restroom at church yesterday.  She was asking all sorts of questions about the toilet paper, the color of the wall, etc. And then this little gem...."Mom, why does Jesus have THESE pottys at his house?"   Cuteness overload.

I often find myself present but not engaged with my children.  I'm in the same room, but not talking to them or playing with them.  Yes, a lot can be attributed to the fact that I play with 3 year olds all day long, but the most important kids in my life are mine, and it needs to be a priority.

So find a kid and spend some time.  It will improve your mood, I guarantee!  And what's more, it will make a positive impact on that child's self esteem. Which in this world of bullies and low self-worth, is of utmost importance.

UPDATE:  My kids were holy terrors last night.  I went home with the intention of spending some quality time with each of them.  The oldest left her backpack at Girl Scouts and proceeded to throw the mother of all temper tantrums because I wouldn't do the hour long round trip to retrieve it.  My youngest whined about every little thing and refused to eat her dinner.

Lesson learned.  With kids, you gotta roll with it.  Last night was not a good day to spend "quality time" with them.  They are little people too and sometimes we all just need to vent or be left alone. I'll try again today!

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  1. Such a good idea. Ms. Middle gets SO jealous at night when I spend 1:1 time with the Big One. I have to keep reminding Ms. Middle that she gets 1:1 time in the mornings when the Big One is at school and Little Baby is taking her morning nap.