Thursday, March 21, 2013

Business Cards

They're here! They're here!  Just one more step towards me feeling "official."

Of course, the web address listed is just a web address right now, but we'll be fixing that soon. I'm hoping to get my business license within the next couple of weeks and praying my designer is a little closer to finishing my characters.  Once I have that, it's go time! Gotta get a move on things!

My husband has now thrown a little kink in the wrench. He has taken a job that will require him to travel more. With my full-time job, and the two little kiddos at home, it's going to be even harder to get the things done I need to in order to get this business up and running. But I'm up for the challenge. I got this!


  1. YAY for business cards! Take a picture and post them!! Sorry about hubby...ouch! Traveling is no fun on either side.

    1. I would post, but we don't have everything up and running yet on there so there would be dead ends and no responses if anyone tried to use the website, etc. I will send you a pic when I can Dawn...